Eat These 9 Foods to Keep Your Skin Hydrated


If you want healthy, vibrant skin, you have to work on it. One way to ensure your skin is  in tip top condition is to keep it moisturized from the inside out. This means eating the right foods to keep your body hydrated. Here are nine water packed fruits and vegetables to add to your everyday meal plans that will help keep your skin hydrated.  


Cucumbers contain more water than any other solid food. With a 96% water content ratio, they are great for staying hydrated during the summer months. They’re good alone or in a salad, and pretty easy to find in most grocery stores. If a salad is too boring for you, try making cucumber sandwiches.


Celery has a water content of just over 94%. Each stalk contains about 6 calories and is full of fiber to help you feel fuller longer. If you’re not into eating it plain, add some peanut butter to celery. It’s also tasty with cream cheese or sour cream. Some people even like to pair celery with cheese.  


Tomatoes are a great addition to your diet any time of the year, and they’re the perfect food to eat when you’re looking to keep hydrated. They contain 94% water, and come in a few different varieties. Most people just plop them into a salad, but there are tons of ways to incorporate tomatoes into your diet. They’re also a thirst quenching, stand alone treat.


Watermelon is 92% water, and one of the most refreshing fruits you could eat. It’s also packed with potassium, and vitamins A,B, and C. On a hot summer day a cold slice of watermelon can quickly hydrate you  and keep you feeling full. It even tastes good at room temperature.


Both tangy and sweet, who doesn’t love grapefruit? It’s packed full of vitamin C, and contains about 88% water, so you’ll get the hydration you need from it. There are some other helpful benefits to eating grapefruit too. It helps burn fat, lower cholesterol ,and boosts your metabolism.  


Apples aren’t just full of water (about 87%), but they’re also a good source of fiber. The water content is in the meat of the apple, and most of the fiber is in the skin. This means that it’s best to eat your apples unpeeled to get the maximum benefits. If you don’t like them plain, try dipping them in a bit of caramel or chocolate.


If you love spinach salads, then you’ll be glad to know that you’re doing yourself a big favor by eating them. Spinach contains about 92% water, and is loaded with vitamins and nutrients including vitamins A, B6, and vitamin K. Spinach also contains zinc, potassium and iron.


Whether you blend them into a smoothie or prefer to eat them raw, juicy strawberries are great for keeping your skin hydrated. With a 92% water content rate, they make a perfect on-the-go snack. Other benefits of strawberries include their high levels of vitamin C and cancer fighting properties.


When it comes to hydrating foods, most people wouldn’t think about cauliflower. Perhaps because it’s not the main ingredient in most everyday dishes, or because it’s just not a popular vegetable. But don’t let the popularity contest deter you. Cauliflower contains 92% water, and has some great health benefits to go along with it – it’s been known to help lower cholesterol, and help fight cancer.

Part of keeping your skin hydrated from inside includes eating foods that contain a good amount of water. These are just a few fruits and vegetables to add to your diet, but  there are plenty more that fit the bill and promote beautiful, glowing skin.


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