Combat Your Stress with Exercise


Stress is an inevitable part of daily life. In the United States alone, seven out of ten adults feel stress or anxiety on a daily basis, to the point where it moderately interferes with their lives. Eliminating stress altogether isn’t possible, but stress can be managed with exercise. Here are some tips on keeping your stress levels low with a bit of activity.


Yoga combines deep breathing, meditation and physical movement to create the perfect stress relieving exercise. It’s good for both beginners and experienced students, and the benefits are almost immediate. If you’re looking to try yoga to relieve your stress, remember to start with simple, fluid movements and focus on your breathing.


Running is another great exercise for stress relief. It gets your heart rate up and helps to release endorphins, which happen to be the body’s natural “happy medicine”. You don’t need to be a professional to feel better from running. The average person running 10-20 minutes each day can experience a significant decrease in the amount of stress that they feel. Remember to start slow and gradually increase your speed. Pushing yourself too hard can actually cause additional stress.


If you’re not a fan of running, then a long, brisk walk would probably suit you better. Like running, walking relieves  stress and strengthens the heart. This is a really simple stress relief method because anyone can do it, and you don’t need any special equipment to get started. Experts recommend 15-45 minutes of moderate paced walking each day to gain noticeable benefits in the way you feel.


When your stress levels are high, swimming may be just what you need to burn some energy and relax. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a public pool or in a lake, this tranquil exercise is great for anyone feeling a bit uptight. Start with a few laps up and down the pool and then move into playing a few water games if you’re still feeling tensed. You could also spend some time in the hot tub to take a break and unwind.


Golf has been known to not only relieve stress, but also keep the player feeling positive and energized long after the game  is over. This effect is present in both men and women, although golf is primarily enjoyed by men. Many professional health clubs offer golf as a way to relax,  and some even use it as a form of treatment for low to moderate cases of stress. If a simple game doesn’t make you feel any better, try playing with friends or just increasing the length of time that you play alone.

There are several ways to get relief and experience immediate results; these are just a few. Take time to experiment with different activities and find one that works for your schedule and lifestyle.

You should aim for 30-60 minutes of moderate exercise each day to start, and then gradually add more as you go along. Remember that moving forward with exercise intensity too  quickly can increase your stress levels, and in some cases, result in physical damage to your body. If you’re unsure about starting any exercise regimen, it’s best to consult  your physician.


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