6 Foods (and Drinks) That Can Actually Damage Your Facial Features


You’ll have heard the expression “you are what you eat” but you may not know just how true that saying really is. While most people understand that what they eat and drink can have a direct impact on the shape and health of their body, few realize what some foods might be doing to their facial features.

The following six examples can impact your system so much, that they may actually begin to change the way you look.



Have you ever woken up with a terrible case of dry mouth after a night of drinking? That’s because alcohol is extremely dehydrating. Drinking alcohol regularly can begin to alter the way you look because its dehydrating effect can cause dry skin, wrinkles, and in some cases, even irritation. As with all things, enjoy alcohol in moderation and be sure to alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water.


Milk is often promoted as a healthy drink thanks to its calcium content. In many ways this is true, but if you’re drinking the wrong kind of milk, it can begin to negatively impact your skin. The skim milk you buy at the grocery store could be loaded up with growth hormones.

These hormones can cause inflammation and oil production – in other words, breakouts. If you’ve been struggling with acne, consider switching to organic milk which doesn’t contain growth hormones.



We understand much more about dietary fat today than we did 30 years ago. In the 80s, we believed that all fat was bad, so “low fat” margarine was developed as a “healthier” alternative to full fat margarine and butter. But these so-called healthier varieties were loaded with trans fats which have the exact opposite effect of healthy dietary fats. They are dehydrating, and can cause premature aging. Nowadays most soft margarines contain very few trans fats, so it’s worth choosing the tub varieties over stick margarines and always check the label details.



An occasional treat is fine, but if you’re guilty of daily candy snacking, it may be affecting your facial features. High sugar foods can zap the collagen and elastin naturally found in your skin, meaning your skin may become more saggy, less supple, and very dry. Not only that, but the sugar shock that hits your system following a candy snack can also cause breakouts.

Sugary Health Drinks

Health drinks such as smoothies, shakes, and juices that you make at home are perfectly healthy. Where you need to be careful is at the grocery store since many products promoted as health drinks are actually loaded with extra sugar. If you’ve ever made a smoothie at home, you’ll already know that the natural sweetness of fruit is more than enough to flavor the drink. So stick with the homemade variety to avoid dry skin and premature wrinkles, both of which can be caused by excess sugar.



These snacks are little more than refined carbs doused in salt. You already know that salt can be very dehydrating, but refined carbs seem to have a similarly negative effect on your skin. In fact, a recent study suggests that refined carbs may be the cause of an increase in cases of adult acne. Between the breakouts caused by the carbs, and the drying and premature aging caused by excess salt, it’s best to just skip the chips.

Try removing a few of these foods and drinks from your diet and see if your skin begins to improve.


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