35 Foods You Should Always Keep in Your Fridge – According to a Nutritionist


One of the best ways to ensure that you will eat well is to stock your house with healthy and convenient options. There are two things that drive us to make poor choices: lack of time, and lack of food availability. Set yourself up for success by putting these 35 items on your next grocery shopping list.


Staple Fruits – Pick a few of your favorite fruits and make them easily accessible. Apples, bananas, and oranges can be tossed right into a lunch bag. Melons, berries and tropical fruits can be washed, cut, and stored in tubs for easy access.

Staple Vegetables – Make sure you always have some cooking and snacking staples on hand. Think along the lines of onions, garlic, mushrooms, peppers, radishes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, green beans, etc. Chop raw vegetables like carrots and celery into sticks which are easy to grab for snacking.

Leafy Greens – Have a selection of these greens on hand to add to sandwiches, or to use as a base for salads.

Pre-made Salads – Bagged salad mixes are one of the easiest ways to up your vegetable intake without a lot of prep work.

100% Fruit Juice – Fresh fruit is best, but 100% fruit juice makes a healthy treat, and is much better for you than soda.

Applesauce – You can make up a big batch of your own, or look for prepackaged, low sugar tubs.

Sweet Potatoes – These make a much better choice than white potatoes, but are every bit as satisfying.

Hummus – Use this creamy, chickpea-based spread as a garnish for vegetable sticks or whole-grain crackers.

Salsa – Fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers, and spices can add a lot of character to salads, snacks, or even meat dishes.

Pasta Sauce – Vegetable-based pasta sauce makes a much better alternative to cream-based sauces.

Dried Fruit – A yummy treat, and great to bring along on hikes or long walks.

Vegetable Stock – A delicious and healthy cooking base to expand your recipe selection.


Whole Grain Cereal – Lower sugar options are best.

Whole Grain Pasta – Whole grain pasta is filling, and makes a healthier alternative to bleached white pasta.

Oats – A breakfast staple, and a healthy alternative in some baking recipes.

Dried or Canned Beans – A healthy and convenient way to stretch meals such as soups, salads or chili. Loaded with fiber!

Whole Grain Bread – This is a healthier (and tastier) alternative to plain white bread. Use for sandwiches, toast, etc.

Brown Rice – Comfort food. Makes an excellent side dish accompanying meat or fish.

Couscous – A healthy whole grain they can be prepared on its own, or used in salads.

Nuts – Full of healthy fats and fiber. A great snack.

Nut Butters – Peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, hazelnut spread… All wonderful to have in the house.



Skim or 1% Milk – If you tolerate lactose, these are your best bet.

Milk Alternatives – For those who do not tolerate lactose, look into soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, etc.

Greek Yogurt – Creamy, rich, high in protein and calcium. Easy to pack for lunch!

Whole Eggs – Eggs are a wonderful natural source of protein. Have them for breakfast, chop them up and add them to your favorite salad, or use them in dinner recipes.

Low-Fat Cheese – No, you don’t have to cut out cheese. Just look for low-fat options and exercise moderation.

Reduced Fat Mayo – Makes a great sandwich spread, or can be used in salads.

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Canned White Meat Chicken – Add to your favorite salad, or mix with chopped veggies and low-fat mayo to make healthy chicken salad.

Canned Tuna – Healthy protein and Omega-3 all in one can!

Chicken or Turkey Breast – When preparing chicken or turkey for dinner, set aside some chopped, cooked breast meat to add to salads, or sandwiches later.

Fish Fillets – Replace red meat with hearty fish fillets. They have lots of protein, and omega-3 fatty acids, and are much healthier for your heart.

Lean Beef – Lean cuts of beef are good on occasion.

Beef Stock – Great for cooking soups and stews, or for braising.

Chicken Stock – Use in your favorite recipes in place of oil, or add whole grain noodles for a comforting snack.

Low Fat/Low Sodium Lunch Meats – Deli meats that are lower in fat and sodium make a great and convenient option.

The more healthy foods you can surround yourself with, the more likely you are to make healthy choices. According to nutritionists, these 35 foods are all part of what helps to build a successful healthy diet.



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