10 Reasons You Should Eat More kale


Over the past few years, kale has stepped into the limelight as the go-to vegetable for juicing and everyday nutrition. It’s packed full of vitamins other essential nutrients, and relatively inexpensive. Kale is easy to grow at home, and there are endless ways to prepare it. If you haven’t tried it or just need to be reminded of the benefits, here are ten reasons to eat more kale.

It’s Full of Fiber

If you’re looking for a food that’s high in fiber, you’re in luck with kale. This green mound of goodness is packed full of it. According to the USDA, there’s 2.6 grams of fiber for every 1 cup of chopped Kale. Fiber helps aid digestion, and keeps you feeling fuller longer, which makes kale the perfect food to have alone or as a side dish.  

It’s Stuffed with Antioxidants

Antioxidants keep your cells healthy and help fight free radicals. They’re an important part of a healthy, balanced diet and kale has plenty of it. In fact, it provides more antioxidants than most other vegetables. Now, that’s a reason to head to the produce store.

It’s Rich in Vitamin K

If you’re not getting enough vitamin K, kale is definitely the vegetable for you. Vitamin K aids in the reproduction of cells in key areas including the heart, lungs, and bones. This is particularly good news for anyone who suffers with degenerative bone conditions.

It’s Good for Your Brain

With all the vitamins and minerals found in kale, it’s no wonder that this crunchy veggie is excellent brain food. It’s rich in omega-3, and helps fight diseases like hypertension, which is damaging to the brain.

It’ll Give You Healthy Skin and Nails

A diet rich in kale helps with dry, flaky skin on the body and scalp. This is primarily due to the vitamin A it’s full of. The vitamin C in kale helps to fight aging skin, keeping you looking younger longer; a great incentive for both men and women.  

It’s High in Iron

Kale has loads of iron, which helps fight anemia, mental dysfunction and fatigue. In fact, it has so much iron that it’s been coined “the new beef”. This is good for those thinking about switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet. You now know you’ll get plenty of iron from kale.

It Helps with Weight Loss

Kale is low in calories, but high in nutritious value. It only has 33 calories per cup, and keeps you feeling fuller much longer than some other vegetables, all of which will help you lose weight. You could incorporate this into your meal plan several times per day, and still be in the safe calorie zone.  

It Provides Cardiovascular Support

With its cholesterol reducing capabilities, kale is great for the heart. It also contains properties that fight the hardening of the arteries. It only takes 1-2 cups per day to get this benefit; another great reason to pull out the juicer.

It Reduces Inflammation

Kale helps to fight and reduce inflammation in the body. This is good news for people who suffer from debilitating diseases like arthritis. The best way to get the nutrients for this purpose would be to juice the kale, and drink it right away.

It’s Good for Diabetics

People with diabetes have to carefully analyze all the foods they eat, even vegetables. The good thing about kale is that it doesn’t contain any starch. which turns to carbs, and ultimately to glucose. This makes it a safe choice for diabetics.

With the many benefits of kale, it’s definitely worthy to be called a superfood. It’s packed full of vitamins and minerals, helps fight degenerative diseases, and does wonders for your hair and skin.


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