Don’t Make These 5 Exercise Mistakes



Almost everyone has made one of these newbie errors when starting an exercise regime for the first time. But the main thing to remember is that they are all easily rectified and once you understand why it’s important to avoid the following five mistakes, you can get back on track with your body transformation!

Not Warming Up

When you’re in the workout mood, nothing can stand in your way. You just want to get going. So surely skipping the boring warm up won’t matter, right? Wrong. Failing to properly warm up before you begin exercising could actually be impacting your results. Not only do warm-ups prevent injury, they also have a significant impact on your performance, therefore reflecting directly on your results.
Warming up doesn’t need to be a really long process. If you’re a fitness newbie then 10 minutes should be a good amount. Typically, the fitter you are, the longer you need to warm-up.

Exercising Too Much

Over-exercising leads to injury. Your body needs rest days to recover from the strain of a work-out, especially a rather intense one. Not only this, but there comes a certain point where your muscles can’t do anything more for you. At this point, your body is no longer benefiting from the work-out and it’s time to take a day off. Chemicals are released when you contract your muscles and it’s the combination of these chemicals which often cause discomfort. Releasing too many of these chemicals cause your muscles to simply pack in.

Bad Form

If your form is bad when performing an exercise, this means you are not actually benefiting from it, so your progress is going to be very slow. Bad form also causes injuries because your body is put under strain in places it shouldn’t be. One way to avoid this is to start out with a personal trainer, or to get help from a friend who knows a thing or two about training at the gym. Failing this, find a reputable fitness YouTuber who makes tutorial videos.

Not Cooling Down

Cooling down rids the body of lactic acid and therefore prevents muscle aches and pains the next day. It’s much better to bring your heart rate down slowly over a five to ten minute period, rather than making an abrupt stop. This allows your blood to return to your heart instead of ‘pooling’ in the muscles. Next time you think about skipping the cool down, remember that!

Not Replenishing Your Body

Immediately after a work-out is one of the best times to eat, because it replenishes the body and provides the muscles with the nutrients they need to recover. Lots of people who are exercising to lose weight make the common error of eating something light like a salad, thinking anything more will ruin their efforts. A good post-workout meal would be one which is high in protein and carbohydrates, but is fat free; a chicken and pasta based meal for example.

If you’re looking for something quick, high in nutrients and in liquid form, a good post workout supplement can sometimes replace a meal. A liquid post-workout shake will also be digested quicker, nourishing the muscles sooner.

If these all seem like obvious things then that’s great news; it means you’re on track for making the most of every single workout.

Remember to stay hydrated and most of all, enjoy it!


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