18 Instagram Profiles for Summer Fitness Motivation

Instagram can be a fantastic place to pick up inspiration.

Here’s our list of 18 instagram accounts you should be following for summer fitness motivation;


Jess is all about body positivity, fitness, and a healthy relationship with food. You can see her weight loss (and muscle gain!) journey across her Instagram account, and she’s always there with an encouraging word for you. She understands both the importance of workouts to keep yourself healthy, and the fact that you will occasionally want pizza.


So you want to get fit, but you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to expensive workout equipment and all those crazy supplements? Dovie has you covered. This workout guru lives in Ghana, and believes that fitness and health are natural processes. He’ll show you how to achieve both without any extra cost or trips to the vitamin store.


Jessamyn might not strike you as a fitness model if you were to pass her on the street, but just give her the chance to get into a challenging yoga pose, and she’ll nail it. Her body-positive account encourages people of all shapes and sizes to take an interest in fitness. She shows you that you don’t have to get down to a certain weight before you can start.


If expecting moms are wondering how pregnancy will affect their workouts, they may want to check out what Massy’s up to on her Instagram account. This weight trainer, yoga expert and boxer has continued to keep up a safe level of fitness as her pregnancy has progressed.


How many fitness experts do you know who actually hold PhDs in Sports Science? Well allow us to introduce you to Bret. Also known as the “glute guy,” Bret takes his followers through the process of strengthening their muscles by concentrating on one area at a time.


Mary Helen Bowers is a professional ballerina, and she uses her talent to showcase some truly stunning photos of strength, flexibility, and balance. Dance is for everyone, and she wants you to give it a try!


In 2013 Krystal was involved in a car accident, and the injuries she sustained necessitated the amputation of her arm just above the elbow. Since then, she has shared her continued efforts to seek out fitness and strength despite her limitations. She’s a CrossFit superstar, and an inspiration to all.


Amanda, was an Australian pole vaulter before she decided to turn her attention to a wider range of fitness pursuits, and share the results with you. She’s a shining example of why flexibility is every bit as important as strength. Her photos make everything look so easy and fun; they will definitely make you want to give it a try.


With all the stunning yoga poses and power lifting on Instagram, running motivation might take a bit of a back seat – but not on Robin’s account. She’s a runner, and she takes you through many beautiful places in New York City to help show you why she enjoys the sport so much.

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Yes, “nude” as in… well, nude. But don’t worry! There’s nothing scandalous or gratuitous here. Instead, these are stunning, tasteful, and artistic shots showcasing the beauty of the human form as it contorts through challenging yoga poses.


Dylan is a yogi who focuses mainly on the power and strength that can be attained by perfecting your balance. One glance at his photos of ultra-difficult poses will show you exactly what he means!


With an astonishing seven medals, Allyson Felix holds the distinction of being the most decorated member of the US women’s Olympic track and field team in history. Her Instagram account is full of encouragement for women to get out there and start running.


Well of course you should be following Dwayne Johnson! His inspirational gym shots are right alongside pictures of him playing with little puppies, or flashing that dazzling smile at some adorable (and starstruck!) kids. He’s a beacon of positivity.


Cassey Ho has a whole new take on Pilates. She will walk you through workouts to tone your core, and up your overall strength, but she’ll also make sure you have a great time doing it. You’ll never slog through a workout with Cassey – you’ll look forward to them!


Kayla is famous for her #BBG (or Bikini Body Guide) workout. What makes her so inspirational? She designed a workout for women who have ZERO access to a gym or expensive workout equipment. For the cost of little more than a jump rope, she’ll have you toned and cut in a matter of months.


BJ is a great example of the phrase “If I can do it, you can do it.” He went from couch potato to the fitness director at Men’s Health Magazine, and he wants to help you meet your goals too. He posts daily workouts which are super easy to follow.


Female powerlifters are a misunderstood bunch, but Meg will show you why there is grace and beauty even in heavy weight lifting. She’s a big advocate for getting more women into free weights.


If you’ve ever seen Game of Thrones, you might remember the aptly named character “The Mountain.” In the real world, Thor is still one of the strongest men alive, and watching him lift incredible amounts of weight is as entertaining as it is inspiring.

Have we missed any other great accounts? Share your favorites below!

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