10 Must Follow Instagram Accounts for Fitness Inspiration

We’re always on the lookout for some fitness inspiration, and these 10 Instagram profiles provide nothing but positivity and encouragement. Check them out!

Keoni Hudoba @keonihudoba

Keoni was once overweight, and took up fitness in an attempt to turn his life around, and boy did he ever! He is now a fitness guru for Men’s Health, and a trainer on NBC’s Radius. He is also the creator of Cyc Fitness – a popular indoor cycling fitness routine featuring loud music, and high-energy workouts.

His profile features plenty of fitness inspiration, as well as gorgeous shots of Hawaii.

Fit Foodie Finds @fitfoodiefinds

Lee Hersch is a fan of both fitness, and food. How refreshing! On this profile you will find workout instructions, healthy recipes, and lots of great pictures to remind you that healthy eating doesn’t mean being deprived.

Lee’s Instagram has such a huge following that she now manages her web presence as her full-time job. She puts a lot of heart and soul into what she does, and it shows!

Jennifer Forrester @jenniferforrester

If there’s one group of people who need some extra TLC when it comes to fitness motivation, it’s brand-new mothers. Getting into shape after having a baby requires time, determination, and lots of support. Jennifer understands this, as she is a new mom herself. She’s always there with an encouraging word and helpful photos to show other moms that they are worthy and can do great things.

Quiana Welch @chuckiewelch

Too often, women shy away from the free weights section of the gym because they feel that it’s not “for them.” Quiana is ready to step up and show you just how beneficial, energizing, and fun free weights can be. Her photos and videos are always terrific, and she brings tons of energy to her workouts. Truly inspiring!

Gideon Akande @getfitwithgiddy

Gideon is a champion boxer and a relentlessly positive fitness idol. He shares lots of step-by-step videos for you to follow wherever you are and whenever you have the time. His hashtag #getfitwithgiddy inspires a lot of people to make fitness a part of their everyday lives.

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Nicole Winhoffer @nicolewinhoffer

Nicole is the modern dancer in charge of keeping Madonna in shape, so if you’re looking for some dance-based conditioning, here’s your lady! She offers dance instructional videos, workout moves to tone and lift certain areas, and all-over fitness recommendations.

Hannah Bronfman @hannahbronfman

Food, fun, fitness, life – that’s what you’ll find when you follow Hannah. Her active lifestyle is a great example of finding balance in all we do. Her followers appreciate her positivity and determination, as well as her appetite for abundant healthy foods.

Body Image Movement @bodyimagemovement

So, you’re not a fitness model yourself? No worries! Follow this account for some amazingly positive reinforcement. Your body is your own, and it can do amazing things for you if you trust it and treat it right. If you’re just starting out, or getting frustrated with your slow progress, dip in here for a reality check, and come out feeling motivated and appreciative all over again.

Crossfit @crossfit

There’s no doubt about it, Crossfit can intimidate some people. But that fear and hesitation might be allayed when you follow this Instagram account. You’ll see people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ability levels jumping into fun and fitness. And that’s pretty darn inspiring!

Fit Men Cook @fitmencook

You know that weight loss happens in the kitchen, right? So do these guys (and gals!). Fit Men Cook has built up a huge community of people who are looking to fuel their workouts in the best possible ways. You’ll find recipes, shopping lists, and yes, fitness inspiration galore.

Best of luck with your own fitness goals! We hope these Instagram profiles give you lots of positive reinforcement.

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