Tame That Mane. 7 Hair Hacks for an Uncooperative ‘Do


You’re already in a hurry, rushing around to find your keys, your shoes, your purse.  As you breeze past the mirror, you stop and do a double take.

What is going on with that hair?

Bad hair days. They happen to the best of us. Here are our favorite hacks to deal with the 7 most common hair headaches.


Whether it’s raining, super hot and humid, or freezing cold, your hair might rebel against the lousy weather by attempting to flee… in every direction.

The best way to tackle frizz is to prevent it before it starts. If your hair tends to be frizzy, apply product before it ever has the chance to dry. Comb or scrunch it through your hair with your fingers, then hands off! Playing with frizzy hair makes it worse.

Flattened Curls

You went to bed with springy, shapely ringlets, and woke up with pancake hair. What now?

Wet your hair down and pull it into two very tight braids (French braids if you have layers). Go about your morning, and just before you’re about to leave, undo the braids. Those curls should spring right back.

Bed Head

Grunge went out in the mid 90s, so this look probably isn’t going to fly. When you’re short on time, but feel like you need at least an hour to deal with your hair, there’s a simple trick…

Go for a braid.  A loose braid off to one side, a neat french braid down your back, or a braid twisted up into a bun – whatever feels best. Unruly hair actually holds a braid better than perfectly sleek hair will, so lean into it.

Hat Hair

You’re just as likely to run into this disaster in the summer as you are in the winter. Sun hats, visors, ski caps and stylish berets can all smash your hair down. So are you doomed to live without hats forever? Nope.

Part your hair on the other side before putting the hat on. When you take the hat off, flip your hair over to the side you normally part it on, and voila! No hat hair!

Oily Hair

The ends of your hair look okay, but the hair against your scalp looks like it might catch fire from all the grease. Oily hair is easily remedied, and no, you don’t need to jump in the shower.

Dry shampoo to the rescue! Lift sections of your hair, and spray towards the roots. Allow the magic to work for a few minutes, then brush it out. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Flat Hair

If your hair is falling majorly flat, you might have to break out the styling tools, but only for a minute!

A curling iron and some hairspray can help lift flat hair away from your head, and keep it there. Alternatively, you can flip upside down, and blast your hair dryer on high for 2 or 3 minutes. That should get some bounce back.

Unruly Ponytail

You just want to get your hair up and out of your face, and even THAT isn’t going well. Try this…
Pull the bottom of your hair back into a ponytail, leaving the top half out. Once you have half your hair secured, then pull the top half back, and use a second hair elastic to keep it in place. You’ll have a much smoother ponytail, and more volume too!


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