Make up Like a Pro: 4 Essential Tips for Redheads


Nothing turns heads quite like a fiery mane of beautiful red hair. Yet redheads sometimes struggle to find cosmetics that will complement their natural beauty. As it turns out, the rules for redheads are not much different from the rules for anyone else. There are just a few important pointers to be aware of. Here are our favorite makeup tips for redheads.

1: Let the Freckles Show

Certainly everyone is different, but natural redheads also tend to have very fair complexions and freckle easily, especially in the summer months. Freckles are significantly darker than the skin around them, so trying to cover them up with some sort of liquid foundation presents a dilemma: matching the foundation to your skin still allows the freckles to show through; so what now?

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We suggest a different approach altogether. Keep your face makeup light and airy. Use concealer where needed, and perhaps a tinted moisturizer all over as a good base, but otherwise, don’t cake on too much foundation. The natural beauty of your skin (and freckles) can shine through and enhance your look.

2: Mascara: Black, Brown, or Auburn?

Blondes and brunettes can buy mascara without having to face this seemingly unanswerable question. Why can’t redheads?

Actually, you can. Black mascara is popular for a reason: it looks good on everybody, including you. However, redheads have an advantage in that they get to choose, and all three options will look great for different reasons. Black mascara may look bold and dramatic, while brown mascara may simply add definition and length. Auburn mascara provides a wonderfully natural look that would be lost on a person with darker lashes. Lucky you!

So, our recommendation is that you experiment with all three shades to decide which you like the best, and keep the other two on hand for different occasions (a nightclub, or a Sunday afternoon in the park).

3: Eye shadow Should Complement Your Eye Color, not Necessarily Your Hair

Redheads have been told their entire life that they look stunning in green. This can lead many redheads to swipe green eye shadow over their lids and then wonder what went wrong.

Here’s the key: your eye shadow needs to complement your eyes, not your hair.

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The easiest way to choose the right shade is to look at a color wheel. Find a color that is closest to your eye color, and then look at the opposite side of the color wheel – those are your colors. In other words, a redhead with blue eyes should be looking at eye shadows that range from peach to gold to brown, a redhead with green eyes should be looking for eye shadows that range from red to purple, and so on.

With the eyes, it’s all about contrast. Let your outfit complement your hair; let your eye makeup complement your eyes.

4: You Probably Have Light Brows, and That’s Okay!

Natural redheads sometimes sport eyebrows that range from a golden blonde to a nearly invisible platinum color. Because many modern makeup looks call for defined, arched, and groomed brows, this sometimes leads redheads to purchase significantly darker brow pencils and to tweeze and stencil their way to completely different eyebrows.

We’re not saying this is wrong, but it doesn’t look as natural on redheads as it might on people with other hair colors. Definitely go ahead and shape and define your brows, but do so with colors that are only slightly darker than your natural color. So look for brow pencils in blondes or auburns for a more natural look.

We hope these tips help you feel more confident when you step out into the world and dazzle us all. Just remember that practice makes perfect; you may need a little bit of experimentation with different colors before you settle on the look that works best for you.


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