4 Foolproof Ways to Prevent Lipstick Bleeding

You’ve found the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, and the perfect shade of lipstick. You get ready to pose for a selfie with your date or your best friend, but stop as soon as you point the camera. What is going on with your lips?

If you have noticed a tendency for your lipstick to wander, you are not alone. Lipstick “bleeding” or “feathering” is an unfortunate phenomenon experienced by many women. It happens either when your lip color finds natural creases or lines in your skin and expands outward beyond your lips, or when it rubs onto your teeth.

It’s definitely annoying, but you don’t have to live with it. Here are four tricks to try.


Although most women diligently moisturize their faces and bodies every day, many overlook proper lip care. Your lips need just as much TLC as the rest of your face, not least because they’re often exposed to sun and wind damage, as well as sugary and salty foods. All of this can result in cracked and parched looking lips, providing the perfect environment for lipstick to bleed.

This can easily be prevented by always having lip balm on hand. Ideally, one with an SPF of at least 20 should be applied several times a day to help protect your pout.

Blot Your Lipstick

When you first glide on your favorite lipstick, the color will look rich and velvety. It can be very tempting to leave things exactly as they are to maintain that level of color, but think twice before you decide to do that.

As your lipstick is warmed by the heat of your lips, it will begin to melt slightly and this is when it can feather or bleed. Plus, the first time you absently chew your lip, you’ll be coating your teeth in a layer of plum, burgundy, coral, or pink.

Blotting is key. You can remove the excess lipstick by simply pressing a tissue between your lips and gently removing it. You’ll see the excess color on the tissue, which is good, because that means it won’t end up on your face later on.

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Lip liner or Highlighter

One of the absolute best weapons against lipstick bleeding and feathering is lip liner. Lip liner is simply a pencil which allows you to draw a line around the edges of your lips. Not only does this give better definition, it also acts as a natural barrier to lipstick that’s sliding out of place.

Of course, not every woman is in love with the idea of lip liner, but luckily there is another option. A highlighter pencil can also be used to trace the outer rim of your lips for a different look. This has the exact same effect as lip liner, but offers a more natural look.

Use Long-Wearing Lipstick

Lipsticks have come a long way since our grandmothers’ time, and that means we get to reap the benefits of long-wearing lipstick. Lipsticks that are formulated to stay put for eight, 12, or even 24 hours tend to behave much better than your regular drugstore ones. Find a color that you really like, and invest in a high quality long-lasting lipstick. It’s far less likely to bleed, and you won’t have to touch it up nearly as often.

A little extra preparation can keep your lips looking fabulous all night long. Just remember to treat them as well as you treat the rest of the skin on your face, and you will be rewarded with much better results.

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